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Lots of Nashville businesses celebrating their birthdays this week. A new Publix is announced, and no, it’s not the new downtown location. Plus, indoor drive-in movie theatres and more Cumberland Riverfront development. All of this and today’s events on Nashville Daily

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Our Guests: Rangers Jessica  and Jed from BiCentennial Capitol Mall State Park


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00:00          Hello everybody. This is the Nashville daily podcast. I'm Stuart Deming and I'm Erin Pennington and we are live from bicentennial mall state park. We are recording directly below the train right now that runs right above the bicentennial mall bridge. Right behind these state Capitol. Yeah, I hope this guys a, this train isn't too loud for you guys, but it's, it's a lot of fun. There's also some water fountains, so we're having all the noises. Yeah, this is, this is Nashville for you. This is noise. All right. Lots of national businesses celebrating their birthdays this week and new Publix is announced and no, it's not the new downtown location plus indoor drive in theaters and more Cumberland river front development. All of this in today's events on Nashville daily


01:02          All right. Speaking of bicentennial mall state park, they actually have the events called Tennessee timeline. This is from DeSanto to desert storm. This is happening Friday and Saturday and it's a reenactment happening in the 18th and 19th of this month. Yeah. And so the name kind of speaks for itself. It's a timeline. So they're going to walk you through events in Nashville's history, right. I think different Wars and like what would have happened here in Nashville during those timeframes. And this is in partnership with the Tennessee state museum. Yeah. this is gonna be awesome. Especially, you know, you might just go, if you want to do something outdoors and take advantage of the nice one, whether that's going to be outside this'll be a great event to do that for it. Oh, absolutely. And the Tennessee state museum just, I love talking about them because they have so much information about the city of Nashville.


01:57          So let's get into traffic. It's Tuesday morning. Traffic is terrible. Google maps is red line. [inaudible] I wish I could take that train that's spread above us right now. But then unfortunately we only have one passenger train that's called the Nashville star that goes to Lebanon, Tennessee. The last actual commercial passenger train that connected into downtown Nashville was in like the 1980s. So it was a, right now I'm reading a book. It's Nashville history from 1880 to 1980 and right now I'm reading a section whereL and N the railroad just basically bought out everything that was trying to make a commercial railroad international that wasn't there. So I really, they made some legislation, basically they worked with a lot of, of Nashville on the inside and made legislation and


02:46          So that so that union union station could only be used for their trains and nobody else's. That's crazy. And all of those tracks are operated by CSX. Yeah. One of the largest North American companies in the country. Yeah. And they have tracks all the way up into Canada and down into Mexico. And they have that facility, that shipping facility that's off of 65 interstate 65. And it's like on Harding place, I believe that are Harding. Yeah. Hardy bike. And so that facility, from what I've heard actually makes about $12 million a day, and that's why they can't move it. And that's part of the reason they can't get a passenger line here into the city of Nashville. Yeah. Geez. So would love to talk about the history of trains more in the future, but let's cover some of the Nashville events. Alright. So we have, we've talked about this a, this is the first lineup of a few events that are celebrating their birthdays this week here in Nashville.


03:48          Verse one is the national film festival and they're celebrating their 50th anniversary here in Nashville. This is running through October 12th. Every Eagle 27 in 100 Oaks national film festival. This is their 50th anniversary. And so they're having some local films from Nashville that are actually about the Bluebird. I think they're having a little doco series about Johnny Cash. How many documentaries have been made on Tommy cash is my big question. Probably a lot. I have no idea. Probably as many books have been written about the Kennedys. Yeah. But I have a, I've actually heard this documentary about the Bluebird cafe. It's supposed to be really, really good. Really? Yeah. So I'm, I may actually run over to the film festival this week to just to go watch that movie. I can't remember what the individual ticket prices, but if you want to get tickets, it's Nashville film they're going to be pretty reasonably priced.


04:42          Oh yeah, absolutely. So the Nashville predators are having two games this week. They have a game tonight at Bridgestone arena versus the San Jose sharks is 7:00 PM they also have a game on Thursday at 7:00 PM at Bridgestone arena versus the Washington capitals. Yes. And then we've got some more sports. The national soccer club tonight plays Louisville city FC and that's at first Tennessee park. Soon to be first horizon and that is going to be at seven P. M those games are always fun, so be sure to go check out a national soccer club. Game tickets have no reasonably priced like $15 for a ticket. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a Preds game ticket, you still want to experience some national sports. This is going to be a great environment to experience that type of atmosphere. Speaking of birthdays, we have Tutsis 59th birthday bash and according to their Facebook event, this is not a webpage.


05:35          This is not an Eventbrite, this is a Facebook event page and this is happening Wednesday 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM and they're shutting down between fourth and fifth on Broadway and having a big birthday bash. Yeah, there's no weather's insane. No way they're fitting everybody. Justin Tutsis could barely do that on a Tuesday night. Yeah, that's, that's very true. Especially after the predators win. Oh gosh. It's going to be, it's going to be a mad house downtown today. So if you guys are driving, do not make traffic worse. Avoid downtown driving. Take a Lyft, take the wonderful public transit system that Nashville has to offer you and see how far it gets you. We'd like to know. Yeah, we were [inaudible] just while you're doing it, let us know how the experience is. Another another kind of a celebration of national tradition nationals. Oktoberfest is a in its 40th year this year and that is going to be October 10th through the 13th.


06:37          That weekend is going to be hopefully very cool and not blue hot according this, according to the maps or whether it looks decent. I do remember going last year, sorry, two years ago and it was scorching. Really? Yeah. Very interesting. So nah, I think we just tried to forget the weather every year and just forget that it's still stinking hot in October. Yeah, it was last year when Amanda and I got married, I think it was like 89 or 90 degrees that day. And I made like a three piece too. And I'm like, ah, this is [inaudible] out of this. There's still a lot of sweat. Yeah. So another really cool thing happening Thursday, man downtown is busy this weekend or this week or happening, this Thursday's called dancing in the district. They also have a Facebook event. They don't have Eventbrite or a webpage. This is starting on Thursday at 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM and it's right on first Avenue.


07:33          They're wanting to have a ton of food trucks and this is definitely an event that allow the live music to really start coming back into downtown Nashville. Yeah. So a, that's gonna be a cool event. It's going to be something very unique to that area probably that we haven't seen in a long time. Especially craft vendors being down on lower Broadway. That'll be really cool to see apart from CMA Fest. So go check that out. All of these links are going to be on our show notes, so be sure to just kind of swipe up if you're on Apple podcasts and, and you can see all of these links in there for your easy access. Oh, right. So there's an article in the Nashville business journal that is taking us through one of the new offices in music row. One of the things, if you've listened to this podcast, who, or if you've seen some of our videos, one of the things we've talked about is kind of the transition that music row has made from a less of a independent owners all over the place. More to a lot of corporations and everything. And Stuart might be able to lean in on this a little bit more. But the article's talking about an accountant's firm, E Y and they're at least I believe that's how you pronounce it. I wish these were kind of said so we know how it's pronounced, but it's the letters E and Y. Hey, we've


08:56          Got another train coming by at this. This feels like a, the bus and with the boys podcast cause they have a train right next to their bus to the train next to a bus. There was a train next to their bus on the bus with voice podcast. Oh really? Yeah. So this reminds me a lot of that. Wow. But back to the article E wise, new music row office, it's going to hold 600 employees in there. So where's excitedly on a wearing on music row is this, let's see, early 2017. It doesn't give a direct address on music row. But that's a lot of employees. Yeah. Does that kind of fit in with how music row has, has been building lately? Yeah. So it's the music Rose this ever changing thing. We talked about it on Friday's episode with Justin Croft and how this music row is this changing neighborhood.


09:46          And we've talked about this a couple of times. Aaron and I, we've driven through music row and they were like, there's not really much here but about a bunch of houses. And so we would say that music Rose and ever changing thing, there's a lot happening in music row. So a lot of the studios that are there have completely moved away from music row and they're also becoming a lot of corporate centers. So this is a really interesting area in Nashville right now. And the reason we wanted to cover this is because music row is just this forever changing thing. And music primarily now is moving over to Perry Hill, which we have a kind of a video with them in Berry Hill over on our YouTube channel featuring Tyler Kane. And we talk about the new music row on the, the videos called the history of why Nashville's called music city city. Another thing we want [inaudible] we won't


10:47          Talk about is there was a brand new public set opened in Capitol view last week, but over on the Nashville business journal and actually talks about another public's coming to East Nashville. So Aaron, where's that Publix going? So this Publix is going a little bit past the old murder Kroger. If you have been in East Nashville, you know that, that Kroger is called murder Kroger. But I think that they've done some renovations on it. It looks amazing now. I think that in there, since I Kroger actually renovated, that name's going to go away because that new Kroger is fantastic and I believe that the growth in that area and the demand for more grocery stores has just increased so much. So Publix has announced that they're going to be going in on Galatin just past that Kroger. This is going to be the third brand new location in Nashville.


11:39          They have another location that they're building on Franklin pike or eighth Avenue right across the street from that Hattie B's over in Melrose. So this is going to be their third brand new location here in Nashville. So it, it's filling a need that a lot of grocers, grocers or shoppers are needing. Yeah, absolutely. If you're anywhere in the downtown area right now besides the new publics that just opened up in their capital view, Eric, you went to that Kroger or you went to the one over here in Germantown. Well, most people did not. You want to have, that's the one that most people tried to avoid. Yeah. So that's one, that's why that Kroger in East Nashville became a very busy and very popular because it's one of the closest and now is even one of the nicest in the area. I think the Publix that in capital view's really going to take a lot of that market.


12:34          Oh yeah, absolutely. And now this public SEM Midtown market, the just downtown market. Yeah. I think that's going to take a huge market. Yeah. Oh, for sure. So that's pretty interesting. I w I'm wondering, it was probably very strategic that they waited until their Capitol view opening to announce one's new location. But it keeps their names in the papers in a very positive light. So good for publics. For continuing to expand in the East Nashville area. It's, it's very much needed. There's really only Kroger's and Aldi in that area. Yeah. So another news article that we found on Fox 17, this was actually announced about two years ago but they, Fox 17 actually had an update over the weekend and it's called August moon. Indoor driving theater seeks support for pigeon Ford Nashville locations. So this is an indoor driving movie theater. And basically the, originally when the article came out in 2017 they're going to start in Nashville and then doing another expansion in pigeon forge.


13:36          Yeah. But I guess what's going to happen now is they're gonna start in pigeon forge and then do their expansion into Nashville. But it's really cool concept. So it's an indoor driving theater and so they're going to have cars from like the 1950s and 1960s that you get to go sit in and again, we'll go watch either new release movies or older movies from the 50, 60 seventies and eighties. Yeah. I can't remember if this, if this is the same one that was announced. Basically the same time four years ago. This is the one that was announced during like topicals. Okay. On top of Buffalo's announced the same announcement and this is actually going to be built if it ever happens in Nashville. This will be built almost right next to top golf. This will be cool because I believe they're going to have an enclosure for this that reflects like the outdoor environment as well.


14:26          So night stars give that kind of on the outs throughout the facility. So I mean this is, this is really cool. This'll be a great thing for Nashville. You know, as well as the movie theaters coming into national yards whenever that comes in. So downtown Nashville slowly day by day, just having more entertainment option. We're getting there. Just besides the live music. Yes. Oh absolutely. Just besides rights by live music. So every single day we love to talk about our Nashville tip of the day and since we're at bicentennial mall, our bicentennial mall, capital's state park, bicentennial Capitol mall, our cart, and that's going to be a tongue twister. I'm going to get it wrong every single time. I'm going to just say bicentennial mall, but we would recommend coming here to bicentennial mall and go to the Tennessee state museum. Take a walk. The weather is nice now.


15:16          So just take a walk around the mall and learn the deep history of the state of Tennessee. Yeah. And you know, we're not asking you to just contemplate in deep history. It's gonna come to you instead of the parts. The bicentennial Capitol mall state park has a lot of history built into the park. There's a lot of things you can read along the walkway. And so you can learn a lot about the, the history here in Tennessee just by walking around this, this mall. So it's, it's a really, really good day that when we're recording this, it's going to be a great week. So you guys just, just take advantage of this weather before winter comes and absolutely destroys everything and also tweeted us, what is your favorite park? That's ran by the state of Tennessee and then also another tweet. What is your favorite Metro Nashville park.


16:07          We'll love to get your feedback on that guy. Yes, absolutely. So that's X PLR underscore nationally. You can tweet us at all. Right. So we are going to highlight our creator of the day, creator of the day is somebody who came out to one of our explore meets. This was several months ago. Yes. Our downtown Nashville explore me. We are learning the basics of like street photography. Yeah. So he actually came from Toronto. Well he came down here for a bachelor party. He came down the day early to hang out with us. The explore meets found us on Eventbrite and just you know, wanted to, to come. And he's a photographer out of Toronto. His name is Tyler, a key car and he is a Toronto based photographer. Came down to Nashville and he, we absolutely loved hanging out with them and it was, it was great just getting to meet him and his experience down here, even for just a day.


17:02          And his experiences in Toronto as a creator. And you know, I've been following his stuff. He's been posting a lot about basketball and this outdoor basketball facility. And they're on his stories and it's just, he was just starting his photography journey when you came here and now looking at his Instagram, he's phenomenal. This amazing architectural photography. He has great street photography. Like he's just like great creators. He's great creators, a great storyteller. You can see that in his pictures and his stories. So I, I've seen a national picture of him from him posted recently. And so we just wanted to give Tyler a shout out and say you're doing some awesome work and we're highlighting you as explores creator of the day. So everybody go follow Tyler at T Y L O R K C that's T Y L O R K C on Instagram. So go follow Tyler, go on, follow a meme account at the same time, keep Instagram as pretty as possible.


18:04          Thank you Tyler for being an amazing creator and our creator of the day. So every single day we love to talk about where we ate locally and later this week we're actually coming out with the top donuts here in the city of Nashville. It was a really fun video to make very heavy on my stomach. Which one would you do again? The hot chicken or the donuts? I would do the hot chicken one again. I'm not the same levels of spice cause yesterday I talked about that Blas on yesterday's episode, but I love the hot chicken one and we spread that one out over like a month or two. We did. So that was great. This doughnut one, we did four doughnut places in one day and my stomach's like, Oh, a B. So but I want to talk about this. I think you're talking about this one too, Aaron, but Shipley's on Donaldson pike, first time I've ever gone, I pulled up and I'm like, this place looks catchy man.


19:00          Like the blinds were closed. It was close to closing time and age, just like it kind of looks sketchy. And it was in Donaldson. So you knew it wasn't really sketchy. But like, so we, we walked in and you could tell like they're about to close for the day cause it's just like all the donuts they had were stacked together in the middle of this, like their main display case. And I had an 89 cent donuts that was like this just glazed donut and it was fantastic. And their donuts are so well priced. Yeah. This is a place that reminds me of one of the donut places back in bowling green in college. I would have a donut place called gads great American donut shop. Okay. So that's what GAD stood for and that's a great the donuts very much for my, the atmosphere, even the tables and the floors reminded me of that.


19:54          And Shipley's just great. It just gave off this very chill vibe and the donuts were amazing. Even for later in the day, later in the day, your donuts are not going to be the best compared to the morning obviously. But I had their Apple fritter and that thing was better than some of the donuts we had earlier in the episode that were fresh and warmed up and everything so and they're cheaper. So Shipley says has really impressed me. And then because it was late in the day, they gave us two free donuts like cause they just had to get rid of inventory. Here you go. Yeah. Okay. Here just take these free donuts. So it's also, it's a really cool place. It's in Donaldson, there's one down in Antioch and then there's also one in Hendersonville and so definitely go check out Shipley's and make sure to watch our top doughnut video later this week.


20:45          But we have an amazing introduction for you guys and I'm really excited to show you. I've been, I've been wanting to do this and be filmed with this introduction for a long time, so I'm excited about it. Go to an arm goad, turn on those posts. Notifications for our YouTube channel, FedEx BLR dot. Nash, you won't be disappointed. You will not. This episode of Nashville daily is brought to you by screen to threats, screen threats as a Nashville curious shop located in the historic marathon village. He's code Nashville daily to get 10% off your next online order. Their website is screened to or mentioned this person in [inaudible] store and get 10% often as well. All right, so we just had some, some guests just kinda walk up and said, Hey, we want to hang out with you guys. And these are park Rangers of the bicentennial mall state park. Why don't you guys, we have, we have two Rangers with us. Why don't you guys go ahead and introduce yourselves and you can let us know who you are and how long you've been here.


21:47          Ah, so I'm ranger Jed. I've been here about three months and it's been a blast this whole time. Awesome. Rent. You're dead. Thank you so much for being here with no problem. My name is Jessica gossip. I've been at bison TDO Capitol mall stay parked for about a year and I really love my park. So I'm missing a word. Capital capital, bicentennial capital mall. [inaudible] Far messing that up for you. It's our looking at your brand is bicentennial mall. Absolutely. So what's the process of becoming a ranger here in the state of Tennessee for the state park system? Lots of fun. So all of our Rangers are required to have a four year degree in something that's applicable to Tennessee state parks. It can be a number of things. We have bark managers that have their master's degrees in music business from Belmont and then we have folks that have degrees in anthropology and also history and all kinds of animal sciences, biology and all kinds of stuff.


22:44          Most of us start out our careers as seasonal interpreters. Me and Jessica, we both started out as seasonal interpreters for this state. Just kind of introducing people to things like hiking, kayaking, historic sites hikes, all kinds of fun stuff. So most of us do that for a couple of years and then we kind of work our way up into the system to be full on law enforcement Rangers. Wow. Is that different parks throughout the state? Cause I know the state has 56 state parks and we've talked about that a little bit here on the podcast. So do you, have you worked at different state parks to do like the hiking and everything? Yes. So for me, I started as a seasonal ATO fuller state park. Okay. Stayed there for several months and after that season ended I moved to the central office right here, up in the top of the Hill.


23:28          And I traveled to different parks around the state for the summer. I helped with the junior ranger camps. I helped with some boating us or sailing camp. And I also did a couple of different hikes at state natural areas. I also got an opportunity to do a close on the whatsoever one of the interpretive specialists for the state. That's really all I did as a season while also being a seasonal is definitely the fun job. So that's out there. Looking for a fun way to spend the summer is definitely the way to know. That's awesome. Is that pagers at like an internship type situation? It's definitely paid. I know it's really cool that Tennessee makes sure that all of their, their park Rangers is it park Rangers or just even their park guides know that the history of where they are in can be these interpretive guides.


24:22          Do you think that is a must for every park in the nation? Yes. The expectation when you apply to a park, even as a seasonal is that you are familiar in some form or fashion with the history of not just that part, but also of the surrounding area of the state. So that is an expectation. Now the ex, they don't expect you to know everything, but they do expect you to have an appreciation for that place. With that you're gonna be investing so much time, energy and passion. They want to make sure you know your stuff. Yeah. Oh absolutely. Is the training like a regular, like Metro police officer training or is it completely like wildlife training? Are you learning like paramedic type stuff? Like what's the training like to become a Tennessee state park ranger? Yeah. So one of the really cool things about being a park ranger is that we're kind of, we wear a lot of hats, is kind of the cliche. You hear a lot of park Rangers say all the time, but it's actually, it's really true. Not just our cool straw hats that we wear, but we're also a pineapple on the hat. It kind of looks like it, but it's straw. It's stressful. It's like a little logo. It looks like [inaudible].


25:29          Yeah. But some of the hats that we wear, we're emergency medical responders, we're interpreters, we're tour guides. We're also commissioned law enforcement officers with the state. So all of our park Rangers spend 12 weeks at the Tennessee law enforcement training Academy. And then we also spend three weeks doing in house training with our chief. You're ashamed. Petty as well. Oh wow. That's so much. Cool. That's so much fun. Let's see. I'll ask them some more questions about the parks. Okay. So working at bicentennial mall state park, what is your favorite Capitol? Are we Capitol park? Favorite aspect of this park? Like what's your favorite amenity? What's your favorite history? Historic portion of the park. My favorite park part of the park is actually this Eastern side, which is the walk of way of counties. It also shows, showcases the topography of the park.


26:22          Not the park, but of the tendency and this smaller scale. So the West part of Tennessee is, it's portrayed as flat. It's got bald Cypress trees, but at the North end of the park represents the foothills of the Appalachians. That's all you have, a small mouth. So that's my favorite part as well as the fact that there are 95 sod capsules along the way and each time capsule represents a County of the state. I know, I think we were born in a really awkward time because we didn't see the Centennial in 1980 and I don't think we're going to be able to see or the bicentennial, I don't think we're going to be able to see the Christ and tricentennial and 28 that's going to be, we're kind of in the middle, so we're never going to know what's in those type yet, unfortunately.


27:11          Yeah, yeah. Huh. So every County put a time capsule into those, those councils. Okay. So what's one example of something that's in one of those time capsules? I know there's a bottle of whiskey and wonderful. There's also a lot of tobacco because that's an agricultural product for some, or previously was for so many of our counties. There are a couple of weapons dating back from the civil war. We have toys, we have newspapers. I had an opportunity to look through a listing that we have here that's cool. Stating what was in all of those capsules. That's awesome. Do you think, you know, especially learning everything you guys do about the areas around you, do you think parks are some of the best ways that people can learn about the areas that they're visiting? Oh, absolutely. Yeah. All even, not just Nashville, but all 56 of our safe parks are a great way to not only engage with nature and these great historic places that we have around our state, but it's also a great place to engage with their community itself.


28:11          So we have, you know, we do picnics, we do hikes, we do all kinds of stuff that bring the communities together from all around the park too, as a place where it's just like a central Haven where people can come be out in something that's truly special and that truly belongs to them as taxpayers that they can enjoy forever. So in our mission statement, it says in perpetuity, and we, we mean that when we say in perpetuity, we mean forever. We want these places to be a place for community and for enjoying these beautiful things that we have around our state for forever. Yeah, and speaking. Yeah, go ahead. And we also see our parks as places of transformation or transformative that spaces, because when you get to our parks, not only do you get a launching point for some of the history, your own history, especially, especially if you are a native of Tennessee, but you also have a opportunity to recreate yourself in recreational sports so you can hike, you can run whatever you need to do outside.


29:06          We even have a ranger that does ultimate Frisbee. That's awesome. You can recreate yourself and use parts as a starting point for those healthy transitions or healthy behaviors that you want to exemplify. That's amazing. Speaking of the events and things that the park host, bicentennial Capitol mall, state park, they have something coming up pretty soon. I believe in, it's the, the walking tenancy timeline to see timeline. You just want to talk about that for a second. Yes. So our Tennessee timeline is a two day event. It's going to be happening the 18th and 19th, 18th and 19th of thank everything. I'm glad that you're here to help. We're going to have interpreters from all over the state depicting all kinds of different time periods within Tennessee history. Kind of telling this story through this timeline of how our state came to be, the great state that it is.


29:59          Because I mean it's [inaudible] right? So we're going to tell the story with all these different interpreters bringing mean years and years of interpretive experience from park Rangers like us, from just people that are volunteering their time just because they're passionate about what this is. But it's going to be something that's really cool for people to come out to. It's great for families. It's great for school groups. It's great just for somebody that's looking to wander through history for a few hours and that's where he's coming from. It's in partnership with the Tennessee state museum. Correct. And the Tennessee state library archives. Wow. [inaudible]


30:28          So can you guys dive in a little bit to when Tennessee state parks started as a great government like entity and got C. Okay. so a little bit of background about the parks here in the state is that they was a lot of our parks, not all of them. A lot of our parks just started as TVA projects because TVA gained momentum and started building the structures to have the level of electricity that we have today. A lot of that land that they use was eventually gifted back to the States. Tennessee Valley authority. Yes, sir. And then also with the CCC, the civilian conservation Corps, would that project that Franklin, yes. That also helps stimulate parks as a, as its own entity within Tennessee state governor. Okay. Out of the 56 state parks, which one is your favorite? Oh, by mall, of course.


31:33          I don't have a favorite. I've had the opportunity to have had the privilege of visiting over 30 something of our clients, which is not awesome because everyone else has been some more but really [inaudible] myself and visited around 30 31. It's a combo. I don't have a favorite. Each one I've gone to from Radnor leg to long Hunter to hard path to T O fuller state park. They're all very different and unique. So I enjoy, I've enjoyed all of the parks I've had the privilege to visit. What are some maybe parts about Tennessee state parks or some hidden gems in the Tennessee state parks throughout the many people when they, if they don't know much about parts, what are some things that they may be missing that they don't know about? So like we've kinda touched on, it's not just about recreation. We also preserve some of the most unique historic sites that are in the state to not too far from us right now in Manchester, Tennessee.


32:33          There's old stone, Fort state archeological park. Such a great, it's awesome. Not a lot of people know, but actually at that site, actually a 2000 year old native American site from the Woodland period. So in the middle of this, you know, beautiful area, we also have this really unique historic resource that we're truly lucky to preserve and protect here in Tennessee. And we're lucky that it hasn't become, you know, lost to time and that we've actually set aside the time and the money and the patients to make sure that place is something that we can enjoy forever. So that's just one of the special things about our state park system here. And we're actually a gold metal finalists for state parks and the entire really cool to see. So, I mean, and it's just, that's just one of those places that speaks to that is just that we have these gyms that they're not just something that's going to be, you know, forgotten to time that we're going to let slip away.


33:16          The people of Tennessee have made a commitment to these places, to the history, to the natural environment to protect it forever. Yeah. I actually want to be a summer. So six events a this year down at [inaudible] you probably saw me there. I was a seasonal there this past summer. I was, I was there. Yeah. Cause I was there. You came, you're in the back of the line, right? Right near Gardiner. Linear. Say you and I were talking by the waterfall and then I went down and grabbed some photos after that huge group went through. That was me. I on Nashville was awful in that regard. If these small, that's crazy. So much fun. A, do they do anything for like the winter? What's he winter one called? Winter solstice that, Oh, the Equinox Equinox. Equinox. So they, their site the entrance way to that side aligns with the summer solstice.


34:01          There's been some theories about some other openings in the wall that may have been aligned with the Equinox up till now we can't quite prove whether or not that's true. Probably the most likely thing is that section of wall that might have done that was actually destroyed during the civil war, whenever, when there was actually an encampment made there for the Confederacy during that time. Wow. Nice deep history. Oh yeah. As fall is coming up and, you know, finally we have kind of our first day of like, okay, I can walk outside and not just sweat to death right now. Where, where are some of the places in Tennessee that you would recommend people go during this, to this brief two week period of, of clinical illness before winter comes? Besides bicentennial capital mall stay park, I would highly recommend Ratner and Lake.


34:48          It is a very beautiful place. It's also one of the earliest examples of a protected natural area for the state of Tennessee. So I highly recommend that. Also Harpeth Harpeth river state park has several pieces to it. Each one has either a historical significance to it or rather a natural significance to that. So I would highly recommend this is a great time to get out and explore those sites along carpet through river long. Hunter state park is also great. One of the kitten jams as you all asking earlier that we have in the state of Tennessee RD, Cedar Grove groves. They are basically like micro deserts with within the state of Tennessee. So they host not only these Eastern red Cedars, but also a type of cactus whose name escapes me. Just sit.


35:45          So I highly recommend you go out to long Hunter state part and explore that cause this is the perfect [inaudible]. Well now long Hunter is on the edge of Mount Juliet. Does it technically go into like Hermitage at all? It's a little, a little past, a little along the Lake. The Lake, yeah. Yeah. Any recommendations for how to best experience the parks out? If you're going hiking, like do you have any recommended tips for that? If you're going canoeing, what's the word? Some good tips for those. So a going hiking Rangers are always going to tell you, make sure you have your essentials, make sure you're bringing water, make sure you're bringing your sunscreen. Please grab a map at your office so at least if you get lost and call us, we can find your way back. But the best thing is just to, you know, lace up your hiking boots and get out there.


36:35          You know, come in and talk to your arranger, talk to anyone that works here. Even from our Rangers down to our maintenance staff, everyone that works for state parks are extremely passionate about what we do in preserving and protecting our resources. So just to get out and come and enjoy a park, that's the best. The first step right there is, is to get out and come see us and we promise if you come, you're going to have a really good time no matter which one you come to. That's awesome. And I know a lot of the state parts, when you look at their list of events, there's a lot of guided hikes and and a lot of special things. I know there's night hikes, there are lot of different things that you know you can join in as a group. Maybe if you're just a, a person who wants to meet people in the community and everything.


37:11          Talk about some of those events. I know at Pickett state park there's an international dark sky viewing area. So if you are interested in putting on your astronomy hat, yes, I would highly recommend exploring Pickett state park and events there. Heaven. That's up in East Tennessee. You right? Yes sir. Okay. Yeah. Wow, that's awesome. I love this. Stuart, any more questions? Certainly [inaudible] those of questions back to the Rangers. So Jay Daya and Jessica. Thank you. Do you go by judge iron or is it just dead with, with you guys? You guys can call me Jed. Okay. So thank you guys so much for joining us. This is the Nashville daily podcast. Is there any social media links that people need to follow for the Tennessee state works? Yes, we have a, well each park has its own Facebook page. We have a Facebook page, so whichever park you're interested in, just go on Facebook and M search and you'll be able to find us. We also have the Tennessee state phage where if you're interested in events or just researching a little, what's a mailing website? Go. Yeah, fantastic website. And then you guys also have an Instagram account and that's 10 state parks, I believe is your Instagram. And we also have a Tennessee state parks app now too, that you can actually download onto your phone, gives you maps that gets you a tickets to the events, all that good stuff right in the Palm of your, so it's a really good resource.


38:36          Oh, that's fantastic. Thank you guys so much for joining us. I'll make sure to go follow us on Instagram at X PLR. Dot. Nash. Also tweet at us. We tweet sometimes at [inaudible]. Our Twitter account is X PLR, underscore. Dot. Nash and have a great Tuesday.