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More Amazon rumors loom, and what neighborhood is getting a new dog park? Also, we tell you how we would spend a perfect fall day in Nashville.

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00:10 Hello everybody. I'm Stuart Deming with XPLR.Nash. I'm coasting the Nashville daily podcast with Mr. Erin Pennington. How are you this Wednesday morning? Hey, I'm doing well. You know, it's getting closer and closer to fall every single day, which makes me so excited. How about you?

00:27 Yeah, I'm super excited and we're going to dive deep into what to do in the fall here later on this episode.

00:33 So how's traffic looking this morning? Well, you know all you have to do is punch into Google maps and every time I do that, it's just this error message pops up onto my web browser that says, please stop looking. We don't have enough red color on this computer to handle the national traffic. So it's just bad.

00:54 Your your RJ RBG or RGB can't handle it.

00:58 The and not even the retina can handle it. Let me tell ya.

01:04 Oh, that's funny. That's a bunch of nerd talk right there for you. So some, some events happening tonight is, is this BAAs

01:12 Sags? Bosniaks

01:15 I have no idea who he is, but he is playing at the Ryman tonight. He's a blues. I know he does that. And a, the show is at seven 30 tonight. Also tonight you can't beat this one. This is Chris Brown at the Bridgestone arena at 6:30 PM and then what's happening at old smokey distillery.

01:35 Let's do it. That was a good one. Oh man, I wasn't ready for that. Old stone, sorry. Old smokey distillery in ye hall. Grand opening. I know that sounds real country, but this is something that's super exciting and this is actually a really late grand opening for them. I'm not sure why they're doing this now. But well I think they've been in what, six and Peabody now for six months out, I think about six months. So they're, they're, they're found in so bro. So old. Some old stone old smokey distillery and he hall are both found in East Tennessee old Smokey's. Probably one of the most famous moonshine distilleries in the country right now. If you recognize that brand, it's probably anybody who's listening to me. Like, I think I recognize that brand. If you've ever been to Gatlinburg or anything like that, that's where you recognize that brand? Yeah, they are the main like moonshine distillery from Gatlinburg and so they're right there on the strip of Gatlinburg. They do free samplings and at this location they're having their grand opening. It's from 3:00 PM 3:30 PM to 10:30 PM. You can find it on Facebook for events. They don't have a dedicated webpage for it. Okay. [inaudible]

02:53 Obviously they're probably going to be bringing out samples. Does it say what else they're going to be doing? It's live music, literally like all

03:00 Of this like Americana, like bluegrass music. So it's going to be really fun. And then Saturday, the day of my birth, you have Hootie and the Blowfish at Bridgestone arena at 7:30 PM. Then you also have wine on the river from three to 7:00 PM. That takes place on first Avenue. That's on Saturday as well. Nice. nationals, those are some very solid events that are coming. Oh, absolutely. And it's, it's, it's about event season now here in Nashville. And so the Ryman literally has like nine bookings. If you go to the Bridgestone's event calendar, it's literally like, okay, next week we have Disney on ice and then it's hockey season preseason for hockey. It's nice. And that starting earlier, I think I thought that it started later in September, but I guess they're starting like, I think their first games like the 15th or the 14th. Wow. for pre preseason. So it's about to get really busy here in the city of Nashville. So the gulches, the gulches newest amenities for dogs. So over here on the Nashville business journal, it talks about this.

04:08 The gold has a lot of dogs. I think they're in need of a dog park. So this is gonna be found on. Okay. So there's the turnip truck, so you know where that premier parking lot is? Yeah, that big one. So it's going to be behind that right there next to the 12th, 12 buildings. So it's off of 12th Avenue South. It's behind the turnip truck behind two old hippies and it's a 12,000 square foot dog park. Those two hippies, man, they're going to be yelling at those dogs. Oh yeah, that's a good one.

04:45 But yeah, so I think the Gulch is in need of a dog park. The last time I walked around the Gulch, I think I counted like 65 dogs in like 20 minutes. Yeah. It's in desperate need of a dog park. It's definitely, I don't know. It's definitely like a concrete area that doesn't, almost the gold trauma has no grass at all. Oh yeah. It has no grass. And then right here it's right here in the article on national business journals that says the firmly rail rundown rail y'all rail yard has morphed into one of the city's postcard neighborhoods. Oh, it's Poe postcard worthy now with, well more than 2000 condos and apartments, some 80 bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, and a luxury hotel plus other under construction. So they're building the w right there in the Gulch. I can't wait until we do a history segment on the Gulf for this podcast. I'm really excited about that because there's a lot of deep history there that a lot of people don't know about and we're not revealing that yet until you have to let you guys have to listen to that actual episode of the podcast. What else is happening in the commentary business world in Nashville? So looks like there's rumors around if Amazon is behind this giant warehouse that's being built out near Mount Juliet and Wilson County

05:58 That is apparently being named project Sam. It's code name for a project in Mount Juliet for a massive 3.6 million square foot warehouse. We talked about [inaudible].

06:11 That is a lot of stuff.

06:13 Yes, it is. We've talked about this on the podcast last week or a few episodes ago, but just for comparison nationals, music city center is 2.1 million square feet. So this warehouse will be, it looks like about 30 over 33% larger than the music city center.

06:38 That's insane. And the rumor is this is found on the Tennesseean. The rumor is it says, whether it's Amazon or not, Mount Juliet and Wilson County have eyes on huge projects. Sam plan a, that's the article found on the Tennesseean. So the rumor right now is that Amazon is actually the one who is interested in leasing out the space to make one of their distribution factories. I'm not really sure. So it's a huge project that's found in Mount Juliet. Do you have anything to say about project SAML? Aaron? No. I mean,

07:11 It's one of those things where, you know, it's just such a large warehouse that, you know, it's, you know, I can see why the rumors came up. You know, it's, it's such a large warehouse, somebody with like Amazon who's making their presence known in Nashville, it would not be surprising. So it's easy to attach Amazon's name to it. But you just never know. So those rumors get spread pretty quickly. But you know, you gotta think, how often are these kinds of rumors? False.

07:41 That's true. Especially with like technology leaks and stuff, so like, but they if you go down further in the article, there was a a warehouse near DC that they, they were in talks of a negation negotiations. Amazon was in negotiations with this warehouse and it was 4.1 million square feet. So almost a little bit bigger than this one that we're talking about. But they said no to that. But if you go down into the article, it talks about how they just took over. They're taking over facility near Oklahoma city that's 2.3 million square feet, I believe. That's what I said. So it's just, it's a huge space. Honestly, there could be 15 different businesses that need shipping needs that could be in this project. Sam some of the, the schools are now preparing for the growth of project Sam. So they think that with this warehouse coming that the schools will increase with the amount of numbers and then also people moving to Wilson County will increase as well. Wow.

08:41 That's interesting. But not surprising with a warehouse of that size. Definitely going to bring in jobs.

08:48 Oh yeah, absolutely. So everyday we love to, to cover a different tip about how to experience the city of Nashville. And our tip for you is cause there's so many shows at the Ryman auditorium this next week. Our tip is to go see a show at the Ryman auditorium, also Americana Fest, which is a very large festival that happens all throughout Nashville. What's AmericanaFest Aaron, have you ever heard of it? I've, I know it is, but I wanna see what your thoughts.

09:12 Sorry I've heard of it, but I have never taken the time to go and, and see it. But you know, there's a good lineup there. I hear it's just absolutely worth it. Like, especially if festival and national is going to be 100% worth it, especially something with as much notoriety as the AmericanaFest. Have you been before?

09:35 No. So I've actually, when I was driving for Lyft and Uber, I dropped off. A lot of them musicians cause they play, they literally take over like 30 or 40 different venues in the city and they just play like Americana folk music. One of my friends, Clint, he was actually, he's pleased on a couple show. His name's Clint, often, I think that's his last name. Sorry Clinton if I just butchered your last name. But he, he's known in the blue glass, like American world. He's been in the top 10 charts. So he does a lot of shows as well. So maybe we bring him on next week to talk about AmericanaFest. You're in the city of Nashville. I think that I should be.

10:07 Yeah, absolutely. All right. So now we're moving into our creator of the day. Every day we give a shout out to another creator. We have a lot of photographer friends, so we're going to give a shout out to one of our, a photographer who's been in front of us for a long time here in this city. And her name is Ayesha. And she is a, just an incredible fashion and portrait photographer. That is coming out of Africa and she's been all over the world and now she's in the United States and she's has a lot of, of credits. Who are name? Stuart, what are some of the credits that I use? HSA has to her name as a photographer.

10:59 She's been in New York fashion week. She's been in featured in magazines. She was also the one who did my wedding. So she's done a lot of really, really cool things. So where could we find Ayesha on Instagram?

11:12 Okay. So on Instagram there are a few places. The first one is at ish picturesque and that is at I, S H, P, I, C, T,U , R, E, S, Q, U, E. And she also has a weddings account where she posts all of her wedding photography. And that is ish picture esque weddings. And that's at I, S H, P, I, C, T,U , R, E, S Q,U , E, w. E. D. D. I. N, G. S. and that's Ayesha. And you can find her at ish page picture picturesque weddings. And at [inaudible] Pixer picturesque. It's a lot of continents for me today. But we will link those in the show notes so you can go and make your Instagram feed better today by following Ayesha and her amazing fashion and portrait photography work.

12:10 She's definitely one of my favorite portrait photographers in the city of Nashville. This episode of the Nashville daily is brought to you by screen to threads. Screen threads is a Nashville curated shop located in the historic marathon village. You use code Nashville daily to get 10% off your next online order. Their website is screened, the also if you come in, person mentioned this ad in store to get 10% off and that code for in-person is screened threads. So if you're looking for some curated Nashville goods screened to so the, the topic that we want to cover today, we released a video last fall over on our YouTube channel and the video was called perfect day in the fall. You can find that video on YouTube at X PLR dot Nash and just search perfect day in the fall. So what would our perfect day in the fall, in the middle Tennessee, you look like, Aaron.

13:01 All right. So when we set out to do this video, this is a video that we said, okay, somebody has got the day off or they're coming into town and it's fall weather. And which has happened in a Nashville right now. It's starting to get just a little bit cooler. Football season is here. And so you're just getting these feelings of fall pumpkin spices already out, right? So,

13:23 Yes, yes, yes. I've I've already had like 15 pumpkin spice coffees and a week and a half. So this, I already have, I like, I had a huge one this morning as [inaudible].

13:32 Yeah. So the, the fall feel is real. So we decided to kind of make a video highlighting what might be a perfect day, hitting a lot of different combination of things to do in in Nashville for a day in the fall. And so we started out pretty much from sunrise to the very end of the night. And the first area that we thought would be a great place to go and visit is Harpeth river state park, which has become kind of a favorite to those who are a little bit more on the adventurous side, who want to go and seek out a good sunrise, wouldn't you say?

14:13 Oh yeah. It's one of the best locations for sunrise, I'd say within 30 miles of the city of Nashville. So Harpeth river state park actually expands about 40 miles long all throughout the Harpeth river. It's a huge state park. But the place that we go to a lot is called narrows of Harpeth. And so it's this bluff over what look near cayenne near like Ashland city, Kingston Springs area, Tennessee. And it's about a quarter mile hike up this very steep Hill. And then you have this bluff overlook and you get to see the rolling Hills and may the tendency you get to hear these cows, you get to see the, and there's this amazing fog that comes into this Valley. And it's absolutely gorgeous. It is honestly one of my favorite spots to wake up and take a sunrise to. It's about a half an hour drive or so from Nashville. I may take you about 45 minutes depending on where you are in Nashville, but it's worth getting up early to experience the sunrise at the narrows, a Harpeth that's part of the Harpeth river state.

15:16 Yeah, absolutely. So your, your perfect day in the fall is going to start out early, but it's 100% going to be worth it to see one of the best sauna, sunrise locations in Nashville. Yup.

15:28 And I've let's see, this last year I've gone I think about 12 times to do a sunrise there. I was there about two weeks ago and the fog was just this dense dense fog and then the sun came over the rolling Hills and the fog just cleared out and it was just, it was an incredible moment. I honestly go sometimes without my camera just to enjoy a sunrise. And it's one of those [inaudible]

15:51 Things that, that at national sunrise in the fall weather wise is one of those really good feelings because you get the cool morning, crisp air, but you also get the warmth of the sun whenever it comes up. You don't get that in the winter. It's too humid in the summer. So take the time in the fall to enjoy these sunrises because it's, there's hardly a time where there's weather like this that's almost so perfect. So hopefully we get along fall this year crossing our fingers for that. But our, our first kind of tip was to, to go enjoy sunrise, the, at the narrows of Harpeth Harpeth river state park. Our next thing is something that nobody ever misses in Nashville.

16:38 Ever. What's our next thing? To go get some coffee because it's early morning. You're probably tired. You still have no idea what you're doing cause it's maybe five 30 in the morning and you're like, why am I not in bed? And so we recommend heading over to Bellevue one. This is the new facility. I can't wait to do a podcast episode about Bellevue one or one Bellevue place. I can't remember why exactly that will be good. But we need to do a video about this place. We needed to do a podcast about this place, but there's so much happening over there. And they have the well coffee house, which we've, we've talked about coffee here in the city of Nashville and I've, I've said this a couple of times on the podcast that the, well is my, one of my favorite coffee houses in Nashville. And part of the reason for that is they give a lot of their proceeds back to building Wells in third world nations. And so I would get a get over to the, well, they actually have an amazing menu for fall based coffees. Especially last year. I don't know if they've changed it yet. But their fall based coffee, they had like this Apple cider coffee type thing. Nice. It was super unique.

17:43 They have some outdoor seating at this location. It's near a fountain. So I mean, it was just a good experience while we, while we went there to film this episode it was just such a relaxing atmosphere, especially in the morning. There's not too many people near that Bellevue one area in the morning.

18:02 Yeah. Not yet. I think now with the the hotel about to open right in the air, the right there across the street and there's apartments now being open, there's probably a little bit more people, but still not crowded compared to some coffee shops in downtown. So after the well go get breakfast at $5 bakery, I think there's a brand new one in West Nashville. Can't remember

18:24 Where it is. Is it in the nations? Maybe? You know, I'm not, I'm not sure. I didn't know they opened a new location. I'm not surprised.

18:31 So $5 is a local bakery. They have a couple locations. The locations I do know of, they have one in the factory in Franklin. They have one on 12 South, then they have one in East Nashville off of fatherland. Eh, not fatherland Eastland. And the thing that $5 specializes in is hundred layer croissant donuts. My favorite donut there is the King Kong donut, which is this maple glazed doughnut with bacon on top. And then there's a vanilla cream in the middle. Erin, what's your favorite donut?

19:02 $5. I've only been there a few times, so I try something new every time. I don't have a favorite just yet. But everything there is good. It's, it's really sweet as well. But I think we could actually, you know, if we have, if we would've made this segment this year I think we would have had another breakfast placed on our list. What's that? I think we would have added rise.

19:30 Yeah, I totally agree. Cause they have great donuts. They have amazing chicken biscuits and they just have incredible food. So in the meantime, why you're waiting. So he does don't, and let's go explore 12 South. Go explore the factory. I would recommend driving all the way to Franklin. So this is going to be an extensive day of driving. So go do the five daughters in Franklin at the factory and then walk around downtown Franklin cause it, that's just a perfect thing to do in a fall day. And then head to lunch at Bibi's barbecue off of highway 96 and in down near downtown Franklin. I'm going to be honest with you guys, be BS barbecue and honey fire barbecue. They're probably my top two favorite barbecue restaurants right now here in the city of Nashville. The thing I love about Bibi's barbecue is this, this little shack you pull up, you order the guy who takes your order also like cooks and cuts your food and enhance it to you. So it's like a one man shop and I always get the smoked Turkey sandwich with the white barbecue sauce.

20:33 Yeah. The everybody didn't know their perfect day in Nashville was going to be also a lot of driving. So I hope you guys are okay with that, but it's going to be worth it. But yeah. Bibi's barbecue. The first time that I had babies barbecue, always try brisket when I go to a new barbecue place for the first time. That's kind of the thing I like to do, to kind of compare everything is just to taste their brisket. And man, I think it's the best brisket I'veh ever had. And I think good brisket has, you know, some pieces of fat that are very flavorful, that are also almost to the point of melting. And then you have a certain kind of juiciness to the meat as well, and they just hit it on the, on the head with that. And it was absolutely amazing. But yeah, like you said, it's a little shack so you're not going to be able to eat it indoors, take it to a park or grab babies barbecue and head into Franklin or head to your next location. But that's definitely something to go down to the Franklin area and experience for yourself.

21:42 So after you eat lunch, and I do have to talk about that brisket for a second. It's so good. You do not need sauce. Yes. And that's, that's a, that's a thing with a lot of Nashville briskets is you need sauce with their briskets from Bibi's barbecue. You do need, you do not need sauce. And so after you have this amazing barbecue lunch, head over to Radnor Lake state park, we've talked about Radnor Lake state park on the podcasts. We have a video about Radnor Lake partially on our top parks video over on our YouTube channel. Bradner Lake is near and dear to my heart. I love Radnor Lake. It's about eight miles of hiking trails. And I'm Aaron. What's your favorite thing about Radnor Lake state park?

22:22 Well, after eating and Bibi's barbecue, it's going to be that I get to walk off beebees barbecue. So that's, that's one good thing that that state park will bring to you after having a meal like that. But you know what I like about Radnor Lake is it's one of the only places within the vicinity of Nashville that you don't have to leave the city limits and you get to experience a park where you feel like you're not in a city and you get to walk around and experience, you know, nature and in a very peaceful area without having to drive hours outside of the city, which is very rare. A lot of parks in, in major cities don't get to offer that because you can still hear the city noise, but there's mountains all around Radnor Lake, which completely knocks out that sound. And you get to enjoy a, a really nice area that has a lot of wildlife and in one little spot.

23:18 Oh yeah. So it's a wildlife wildlife sanctuary and I'm absolutely amazing. I love going there especially little bit later in the fall when all the leaves are starting to change. I saw a photo last night I think it was Kyle Hosen Hoffa. Can't remember his last name. Sorry. Guy has photos. Yeah. And he posted a photo of Radnor Lake last night and I think if I zoomed in enough, I could see some of the leaf starting change color. So I got super excited, almost threw on some clothes for hiking and went out to Radnor Lake. And then I realized it was 10:00 PM and Radnor Lake is closed. Also, if you see any photos from us, message us and make sure that the leaves are really changing because we can change those colors pretty easily. Yeah, we did our software in our in light room, so you know, let us know.

24:08 Don't let us get your hopes up yet until the leaves change. Cause last year, gosh, it took four ever for the leaves. It goes like third week in October. Maybe it was last week in October. It was terrible. So I, I spent, I spent about 30 minutes yesterday looking at a foliage map here in the United States and they're saying that a Nashville area will not be in full, full edge until like October 23rd. So we have like a little bit of time, it's so late, but Leafs are changing earlier this year than they were last year. So after you go hike at Radnor Lake, I think this is a perfect opportunity to go grab a beer at one of the best breweries here in the state of Tennessee. Tailgate brewery tailgate has three locations. They have one on Charlotte pike in West Nashville. They have one in Midtown off of the roundabout where the naked people are dancing.

24:55 And then they also have one in East Nashville on main street. Tailgate brewery makes all of their own beers. Insiders they have, I think it's over 50 different craft beers that they make and feature, but their best one is their peanut butter milk stout on nitrate. Absolutely. And they won the 2016 best experimental beer in the world for that beer and it's just a great experience. Tailgate has amazing pizza. So you could technically do dinner here or you can get that GooGoo cluster pizza for a dessert before you actually go to dinner. Talk about tailgate for a second year. I still haven't had the GooGoo cluster pizza. I feel like I just need to incredible need to have it in a group where I can just have like one bite. That way I know if I like it or not before investing in an entire pizza.

25:45 But tailgates. Good. I actually went there last week, right before I left for Santa Fe for a meeting with a couple of colleagues. And I think that's the first place you and I ever met. That was the tailgate in Midtown, I think that was like, yeah, the Tokyo two years ago. Yeah. Off the right off a demon Brun but we even brew but we all went and they had a happy hour special where you could get a flight of four beers for $6. That's incredible. When did they introduce that? I don't know. This was at the East Nashville location, so it looks like you've got about eight ounces of six to eight ounces of beer and you got to fly to four first $6. Incredible. Wow, that's amazing. That's incredible. So speaking of East Nashville, if you wanna finish your day with dinner, we recommend going to Emily's barbecue has three locations. Where's Emily's found at? Aaron?

26:47 So with ed Lee's you have your location in East Nashville. And that's pretty much as soon as you cross from downtown into East Nashville slow down cause ed Lily's will be, it's right there on main street. They're on main street. As soon as you get into East Asheville you also have an ADLIs barbecue on 12 South. And remind me where the third location is because I'm not actually sure.

27:15 Oh, it's in West Nashville and Selvin park. Oh yeah, yeah. That's where it is. Yeah. So at least barbecue has an amazing barbecue sandwich called the [inaudible] sandwich. It's either like smoking brisket, smoked Turkey, smoked chicken, and then you get the pimento cheese and a fried egg. That's my favorite thing at ADLIs barbecue. So go to tailgate, get a beer, then head to ed Lee's. And then how would you finish your perfect day in the fall, Aaron?

27:38 Well, I will say before, before we head off to moving past [inaudible] I think ADLIs has kind of hit it hit and caught our attention because of their brisket. If, if you know, Nashville, you know, there's a few good barbecue locations and one of those is Martins and somebody might say, you know, well, why are you recommending ADLIs over Martins? And you know, we've had a few people that we've taken to both locations of Martins and ed Lee's, but there's just something about the way ADLIs handles brisket. There's something about the way ADLIs kind of dresses up there. Their food that just abs just gives it a little bit more. And I don't know what it's given it, but ADLIs just usually has a little bit better flavors and everything in order to give their barbecue that top notch quality. But I'm absolutely, yeah. But a, after ed Lee's, you know, like we've kind of had a little pattern of East Nashville going to tailgate and then walking over to, or driving over to Emily's just down the street from tailgate. And then we've we've said go and finish out the perfect night in the fall with a show at the Ryman auditorium. And we've talked about the Ryman earlier. It's one of the best venues for music in the country.

29:01 Okay.

29:01 Yeah. Worldwide. It's a acoustically, it's a second best second best place in the country right now behind the Mormon gospel tabernacle and Utah. It's a live music venue in the heart of downtown Nashville. If you guys have listened to this podcast, you know what the Ryman auditorium is we will be doing an entire episode on the history of the Ryman and the significance of the Ryman auditorium in the future. Aaron, what's your favorite thing about the Ryman auditorium? So I have a few

29:30 Things that I really like about the Ryman. One of the first things is it's one of those places where it's not a huge venue that holds tens of thousands of people. So it's a very intimate venue. And I think that's why a lot of artists love playing there as well. If you've ever seen an artist play there sometimes they, they just, they get emotional, they get excited or they say, I've been looking forward to playing this show for a long time just because of how much the artists can have those intimate moments with the crowd. Let's see, I went there to see the punch brothers last year. And they, they closed out their set with no mics and just acoustics and vocals from their instruments and everybody was able to hear and everybody was able to sing along.

30:27 Wow. so the Ryman holds 2,362 people. I know two of those seats are literally right behind pillars, so make sure if you're a booking any tickets to the Ryman auditorium, I would recommend the upper balcony.

30:41 Especially those first few rows in the upper balcony. [inaudible]

30:44 Oh yeah. And you could see, you could see everything really, really well. There's only really two bad seats in the entire Ryman auditorium. Anything else to say about the perfect day in the fall, Aaron? This is,

30:54 You know, definitely do this. Don't try to squeeze everything in if you have the time. Because this is a lot,

31:02 A lot of you guys in one day. Yeah, we've done this in one day. So it's feasible, but it is a lot of driving.

31:09 Yeah. And I would just say there's probably a few more things to add in a, I know we improvised talking about going shopping in Franklin. That's not exactly in our video but there are a lot of shopping centers near these areas in Franklin and Bellevue, one in 12 South. So if you get the chance, just walk around if the day is nice and enjoy some of the shopping that is happening in these areas. I think that's the only thing that I would add to this perfect day. And then maybe at the end, you know, walk around Broadway and, and just have a few drinks to end the night after the Ryman auditorium. [inaudible]

31:45 Yeah. And then you can definitely, there's going to be some bars around Nashville. I have like fall themed cocktails, like pumpkin spice cocktails. So you could probably find that in just Google search that. So this is been the perfect day in the fall. We love fall, fall is hands down my favorite season and when pumpkin spices in season as well. I just, I absolutely love it. So you can go check out this video that we made over on YouTube at XPL, LAR dot Nass Nash and search perfect day in the fall to watch this video. I'm Stuart Deming with explore dot. Nash. Makes sure to go follow us on Instagram, subscribe to our YouTube channel. As I just mentioned talking about subscribe him, subscribed to this podcast, also ranked rank us five stars. Anything else to add, Aaron?

32:32 No, it's a, this just gets me excited for fall. So everybody stay tuned to this podcast. We're going to be talking more things to do in the fall and how to enjoy Nashville best during the fall season. We'll keep you up to date with events and happenings and the best food and drinks in this city. So be sure to be subscribed rate that rate at five stars, and we'll continue to put out some great episodes for you guys. And we look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow morning.

33:05 Alright. Have a great day. [inaudible].